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Recommendations for Constitutional Amendments


checked pending

Voters Must Be Citizens

This is a pointless amendment created for anti-immigrant political effect.  This is already the law.  You have ALWAYS been required to be a US Citizen to vote so this amendment changes nothing regardless of the outcome.

checked pending Increases mandatory minimum wage to $15 by 2026
checked pending

Open Primaries state wide elections.

This would put too much power over elections in the hands of political parties and take more control away from Florida  citizens.

checked pending

Revise Constitutional Amendment Process.

This is a BAD idea for citizens as it takes too much power away from the people. It would make it virtually impossible for Floridians to demand change by rendering it nearly impossible to get amendments like these on future ballots. It is an assault on "Direct Democracy"

checked pending

Save our Homes Benefit.

Protects moderate income families

checked pending

Veteran's Homestead Property Discount.

Carries over benefit to surviving spouse of veterans.

Read more details here. BE INFORMED before you vote. PLAN YOUR VOTE!