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Why voting is more important this year than ever before.

Voting this year is critical to making our government responsive to the people once again. Big money, greed, and moral judgment of the poor can be stopped if we have a record turnout by Democrats. There are many more Democrats in Florida than any other party, but we tend to get lazy. We cannot do that this year.

This election will determine;

• The future of social security and medicare
• Who will have access to affordable, quality health care
• Whether or not your vote counts in the election of state legislatures
• Whether or not good public schools will survive in poorer counties
• Whether you can get a job that pays a living wage
• Whether your retirement account has any hope of supporting you; or if that account can exist at all. And, most importantly,
• Whether you can leave a legacy for your children and grandchildren so their lives can better than yours.

These are not slogans; they reflect what has happened over the past four years nationally and in Florida. They are the reality of the chipping away of the country built after World War II. Despite its faults and flaws it, made America the richest country in the world and created a strong middle class.

You have a vote. Be sure to cast it for the people who will work for you. Only the Democrats have committed to making a better future. The Republicans are trying to recreate the 1950’s where women were in their place, minorities could not get decent jobs, good education was available to only a few, and the best jobs were given based on who you knew, not what you could do.

Vote for this country’s future; vote Democrat and vote carefully on the Amendments. Those now in power are trying to take away your rights; not voting will help them.

Our recommended votes are on line here.

Thank you for your time and thank you in advance for voting.