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On Tuesday Trump laid out his plan

He was loud and clear.

Trump used the debate forum to announce his strategy:

  • Create chaos to discourage voters.
  • Disrupt polling stations to keep voters away.
  • Challenge mail-in ballots to put the election into the court.
  • Empower vigilante groups.
  • Redefine protest as anarchy
  • Use fear to keep voters away from the polls.

It reads like a petty dictator's play book.

If Trump’s vision of America is not yours and he scares you, get engaged at whatever level you can.  Act to get him and his legions of enablers out of office while there is still time. 

That means every candidate who has aligned him/herself with him has to go.

You must vote.  You must make sure everyone who shares your vision for this country votes.  You must persuade those ready to sit this election out that doing so will get him re-elected.  And, the votes need to in BEFORE election day.

We need people to watch and report (not intervene) on what is happening.  This includes poll watchers, external observers, and meeting monitors.  All of these are necessary to protect voters and the voting process.  Their work enables us get people trained to intervene to the right places quickly.

And, we need you to remind reluctant voters that there is no “Perfect” candidate.  Using that as an excuse not to vote helps to elect the least perfect option.

Commit to making 2020 the highest voter turnout election in living memory.

It is virtually impossible for Trump to get reelected if he loses Florida.  We need to help him fail and set the stage for getting rid of his Florida sycophants all by 2022. Thisl begins NOW by electing the Biden/Harris team, Adam Christensen, Kim Dugger, Joshua Mast, and Pamela Brown

On the amendments be sure to vote YES for the minimum wage increase, and No on changing the amendment process and No on changing the primary election process.  

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